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Code : MSB PACKAGE 3000
Point : 0.5

3160 USDT


* Metabank's savings bond packages (MSB packages) have 72% interest for three years, and the interest payment period (IPP) is 24% every twelve months.
(According to the conditions of the company, it can pay interest with BIXBCOIN or USDT, and in this case, the choice is with Oxitrader)

* All packages have point 0.5

* People who buy from this package must sign the text of the contract and send a photo of authentication to the company (KYC) so that their package can be registered in Oxitrader.

* These packages are not permanent and have limitations.

* It is not possible to send RC requests for this package.

* FC request for this product is possible three years after registration of purchase, and after receiving the third annual profit, the user can apply for FC.

* The payment of the deposit is committed in BIXBCOIN, but at the discretion of Oxitrader Company, it can also be paid in USDT. The choice of payment type will be according to the conditions with Oxitrader.

* People who buy from this package have entered Oxitrader to encourage networking. The company wants and expects these people to be active in networking and expanding the Oxitrader community.

* To buy this product, you must go to the link below and buy the relevant package. When buying, type 0000 in the token ID box. Then send the authentication image (KYC) and the purchased NFT information to ORDERS department's admin. It will be activated for you within 24 hours.

* A lot of information has been recorded on the BixbTeam website in the following link for you to master the various sections of the Oxitrader website, which is recommended to be read:

* Please note about NFT that only the first purchase from Mr. Vita is approved by Oxitrader and second-hand purchases are not part of Oxitrader's plan.

* All the steps of buying and selling an NFT are taught in the link below, which is related to the BixbTeam website. Considering that the current partner of Oxitrader is the MR.PUPPY collection, you can fully and accurately learn the purchase process.

* It is necessary to note that this NFT, like all other NFT collections, is only to complete the collection. And any information about these NFTs should be obtained from the Metavita website. We at Oxitrader do not have any more information about these collections.

* The amount of 60 dollars from the amount is the handling fee and the rest is calculated in the plan. All packages have point 0.5

*By the way, we remind you that you buy NFT packages from METAVITA collection and you are subject to the rules of that collection and you are only active as a market maker in Oxitrader.

* In addition, when the company realizes that you have sold your NFT for less than the purchased amount, your position will be blocked. Even if you sold it to someone else and they auctioned it off.

The text of consent and authentication of the user for the final registration of the purchase of the package:

Please write the following text on a white sheet.
Under the signature, rewrite the translation in your native language.
Take your ID card with you. Now take a high-quality photo of yourself, consent text and ID card in one box and send it in JPG format to ORDER department's admin.
The first dotted line corresponds to your name and OX code. The second dotted line corresponds to the name of your purchased packages.

Consent text:

I (.....) declare that I have translated, read and understood all the rules and regulations of the Oxitrader website in my native language.

Rules and regulations link:

And by accepting all the rules and regulations, I registered, bought package (.....) and started working on the Oxitrader website.
I will also write the above text in my native language under this signature for more emphasis.

Date and signature

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